PDX Writers facilitates workshops and retreats that generate great writing.
We offer a wide variety of prompt-driven workshops for new and seasoned writers. 
​Join our remarkable community of writers.

About Our Workshops

What we do:

We offer two different styles of online workshops: live videoconference workshops in our Online Studio and Self-Paced workshops that focus on honing your craft.

Our Online Studio workshops occur in real time, with facilitators leading prompt-driven writing sessions and writers giving each other live feedback using Zoom, a free videoconferencing tool. We limit these workshops to no more than nine participants so they feel as if we're gathering in our own PDX Writers Studio. Each online workshop is an opportunity for writers to share thoughtful words and inspiring ideas with people from around the globe--without having to leave their writing desks!

Our Self-Paced workshops are focused on various aspects of the craft of writing. Facilitators provide weekly curated resources as well as writing prompts that delve into the topic at hand. Writers are able to tackle assignments that week when they're feeling most inspired. Writers then share their ideas and work with the facilitator and each other, providing feedback in a digital community.

Since 2010, PDX Writers has inspired a flourishing writers' community that gathers for retreats, regular weekend writing sessions, readings and more. The people who are part of this community are enthusiastic about the group, are supportive of the individuals involved, and are sincerely passionate about writing.

Certain distinctions foster this loyalty: the AWA method of affirmative feedback and taking the work at face value and not as a reflection of the author directly. PDX Writers has ultimate faith in the methodology and holds a safe, welcoming space where new work can emerge.

Whether we're meeting in the PDX Writers Studio, gathering in our Online Studio, connecting with one another in our Self-Paced online workshops, or enjoying a getaway at a writing retreat, we create an environment where writers can lose their self-consciousness and disengage their inner critic to allow their original voice to come forth.

Who are our participants?
Generally, our writers:

    • feel a serious need to write and are looking for a productive way to grow their practice
    • are interested in sharing their work with others (or learning to do so in workshop)
    • realize that by writing as part of a community they can productively mine their personal artistic depths to learn more about themselves in relation to their craft
    • strengthen their own writing through hearing others’ work and learning to give insightful feedback
    • are excited to gain confidence in their writing and improve existing skills in an encouraging, safe environment for self-expression
    • write at all levels and across all genres

As a participant, what do you get?

  • Time: We give you time away from your normal schedule dedicated to writing.
  • Atmosphere: We create an atmosphere based on a structure of affirmation and support--guided by credentialed, professional facilitators--that allows you to gain and maintain access to your dedication as a writer.
  • Reliable process: Through the structure of the workshops, you grow to love the writing process and the writing community.
  • Respect: We believe in the independence of the work itself and do not see it as a reflection of the writer.
  • New terrain: Our guidelines allow you to fearlessly explore your writing psyche, helping you to find new places, ways and inspirations for your writing.
  • Support: The opportunity to join an active, non-competitive, enthusiastic writing community.

​All this results in greater creativity with less emotional and practical time spent dealing with the critic within. Our methods make you love to write while helping you to trust that you already have the story you want to tell. 

About Us

​Since 2010, PDX Writers has been offering quality writing workshops, retreats, and editorial services at reasonable prices to a broad community of writers. All workshops are grounded in the Amherst Writers and Artists Method (AWA), helping writers understand what is strong and memorable in their writing as well as to develop well-honed critiquing skills. We always write several times in every workshop, strengthening our writing chops. Whether we meet in person, in our Online Studio, or in one of our Self-Paced workshops, we share what we’ve written with the group, giving writers the rare opportunity to read to an audience and hear what’s working in their pieces.
Try us out! We’re confident you will find our workshops fun and addictive!