2019 Fall Craft Workshops

With Jennifer Springsteen


Cost: $60 each workshop
Location: PDX Writers Studio on NE Tillamook


Workshop Descriptions


Creating Characters: We will look at the character arcs of our main characters. Does your character change for the better? Does he remain true to himself and his values? Does she fall victim to her own false illusions? Writing to prompts, we'll learn who our characters are and how they shape the world (and the plot) around them. 


An Eye on Point of View: You may know that you are writing a memoir, so first person, right? Or you've already written half your novel in 3rd person, and it's right on track. Be certain. Using prompts to guide you into your narration and characters, you'll deepen your understanding of lead and support characters and discover new ways of seeing who moves the plot forward. In addition, we'll examine several examples of varying point of view.