Craft: Creating Complex Characters

With Jennifer Springsteen 

Online, interactive and self-paced workshop: February 21 - April 4
Time: First Meeting in our Online Studio: Sunday, February 21 from 2pm to 4pm
Cost: $345
(Installment plans available. Email

Delve into the mind and motives of your main character. Does your character change for the better? Does he remain true to himself and his values? Does she fall victim to her own false illusions? In this six week workshop, you'll learn who your characters are and how they shape the world (and the plot) around them.
Each week you'll have information about the topic to read as well as examples from published works. You'll have prompts to get you writing and thinking, which you will post for others to read and respond.  

This six-week workshop will flow as follows:
  1. Your Lead Character: why this character, this story?
  2. Character Arcs: we'll look at several authors' theories on how to develop arcs
  3. Character Development: no flat characters! We'll consult a few experts to fill our your characters. 
  4. Hurl Your Lead Against the Wall: This week is all about obstacles your character will face and the driving plot points
  5. Your Secondary Characters: who they are and the roles they play
  6. Resolutions: fulfilling promises to your reader