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In addition to general practice, craft, manuscript development and revision workshops, we offer editing & coaching services based on the same Amherst Writers & Artists method used in workshops.

Hammer & Nails Manuscript Coaching

Get the big picture on the big page. This unique method gives writers an opportunity to visualize their manuscripts from inciting incident to climax to resolution, and all the important plot points in-between. The coach will ask questions that guide the writer into their story and allows them to make critical decisions about the purpose, and therefore the structure, of their stories. Writers will come away with a clear picture of where the story is going, and a list of scenes and/or chapters they need to include or edit. Writers use their notebook, their notes, an outline or synopsis, and their electronic manuscript to use as reference while we work. Hammer & Nails coaching is $150 and is online via our online studio. Sessions are scheduled for an hour and a half.

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Manuscript editing

We provide feedback for each manuscript in summary form, focusing on what’s working, what is strong, where there are challenges or questions, and structural improvement possibilities. Additionally, the writer will receive in-line and/or hard copy edits that offer suggestions for consistent voice, chronological development, places where writing can be expanded or cut, and a general “clean up.” The focus is on what questions you have for your project and where you see challenges. Arrangements can be made to meet before beginning the editorial relationship, and we can also conference with the writer about the review and offer revision strategies for the next draft. For pieces 4,000 words or less, the basic rate is $45/hour with an additional $45 for written review. For novella or novel length works, writers should send a 4,000 word sample, and an editor will review these pages for $45 and offer comments. You will receive a quote for the total word count after the initial review. All manuscripts should be sent as a .doc attachment: typed, doubled spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point font.

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Private coaching/consultation

An editor can consult with you - with or without editing your manuscript - in order for you to gain clarity and direction about your project. Zero in on the elements of fiction and memoir, and we will offer prompts and strategies to keep you focused. This can be done on the phone or in person. Consultations can be connected with manuscript editing or after Hammer & Nails Coaching. Consultations are $40 an hour.

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