Geography of Grief 

Reading, writing, and ritual with Jennifer Springsteen

Date: Sunday, December 13
Time: 2pm to 4:30pm
Location: PDX Writers Online Studio
Cost: $65

We are experiencing collective grief now in addition to  our own personal grief, both past and present.

Writer and activist Francis Weller defined five gates of grief:
  • First Gate: Everything We Love, We Will Lose
  • Second Gate: The Places That Have Not Known Love
  • Third Gate: The Sorrows of The World
  • Fourth Gate: What We Expected and Did Not Receive
  • Fifth Gate: Ancestral Grief
​In this workshop, we'll examine Weller's gates of grief and discover where those gates intersect with one another in our experiences. We'll map our stories of love and loss, tracing memory and connection through writing and feedback. 
This workshop is appropriate for all genres of writing: poetry, fiction, and memoir, as well as for all levels of experience. Loss and grief can be defined any way the writer perceives it.