The Geography of Grief with Alida Thacher

Sept 8, 15, 22 from 10am - 12:30 pm at the PDX Writers Studio

In this workshop we'll map stories of love and loss, tracing memory and connection through writing and feedback.


Blackout Poetry with Cleo Hehn August 17, 1 - 4 pm

PDX Writers Studio

Pick up a sharpie and become a sculptor of language, carving out words from the printed page to convey new and surprising meanings. 


Oulipian Constraints with Cleo Hehn August 3, 1 - 4 pm

PDX Writers Studio

Join Cleo for a fun afternoon of breaking the rules of writing by creating our own as we experiment with creative constraints.


Cut Ups with Cleo Hehn August 24, 1 - 4 pm

PDX Writers Studio

Roll the dice and let chance enter your writing process with a practice invented nearly one hundred years ago. Using the Dadaist cut up technique, we will take scissors to paper to create poetry in this two-part workshop.